Roll'n API

This website is the companion to a talk detailing how to build a Doctrine ORM OAuth2 API with Apigility. Concepts covered are ORM, HAL, ZF2, Doctrine 2, Apigility, and Skipper using the Apigility Doctrine integration module for Apigility. More Info...

The Entity Relationship Diagram

If you have Skipper then here is the skipper ERD file. Also available is a pdf file of the ERD.

Running tests against the demo API

This website is running the Roll'n API API. See the See Live API Testing Guide to try it out.

Installing the completed API

1. Clone the project

Using git, fork the RollnApi project to your github account then clone the repository locally. The root directory of your cloned copy will hereafter be referred to as ~

2. Create the database and run

cd to ~ and run

php public/index.php orm:schema-tool:create
php public/index.php data-fixture:import

Now run the application. With php 5.4 you can use:

php -S localhost:8083 -t public/ public/index.php

3. Run All API tests