Enhancements for Etsy

This application works directly inside Etsy, because really, what's the point of applications that are in third party websites?

Enhantsy works by tightly integrating with etsy.com making enhancements and features requested by the Etsy community but not implemented by Etsy. Some enhancements are re-introducing functionality once present at etsy.com and since removed. Others are new ideas not (yet) implemented on etsy.com.

Enhantsy sits at the top of your etsy.com pages and quietly rewrites them with new functionality. Once installed an Enhantsy link is displayed in the links across the top of the page. Clicking this opens a menu allowing you to toggle which enhancements are enabled and gives links to specific Enhantsy pages.

  • First dibs
  • Treasurease
  • Treasurease Clone
  • Treasurease Convos
  • Treasurease Micro
  • Pinterest
  • Haught Treasuries
  • Canned Convos
  • Thumbnail Zoom
  • Saved Searches
  • Drag & Drop Featured Items
  • Search Jump to Page


Chrome Installation Video

Enhantsy allows you to turn on any enhancement.
Your trial expires in seven days.
If you like Enhantsy please purchase a subscription which allows you to turn on any and all enhancements.